Mr. King, Courtney Styfurak, Dan Kingsley, Casey Spangler, Anthony Andrews and Thomas Namoski spent three weeks of their summer working to make the band room shine.

A special Thanks to AnnaMarie Berg who nominated Mr. King for the 2013 James Thomas High School Teacher Award.

Mr. Thomas is a graduate of Baldwin Wallace University and a member of the Board of Trustees for Baldwin Wallace University. This award was given out to six teachers who had a positive influence on a Senior Graduate. $1000.00 dollars was given to Buckeye High School and a $1000.00 dollars was given to the recipient teacher.

After talking with AnnaMarie Berg, it was decided that we would work on a project with Buckeye Local Schools and the Buckeye Band Boosters to paint the Band Room with the money and to dedicate it to Mr. James Thomas to show him the spirit in which the award was given lives on and was put to good use!

A special Thanks to Band Booster President Annie George who presided and directed the project along with A.C. Painting of Rittman. They have also painted at Waterloo Local Schools.

*In 2006 Band Boosters Mike Taylor, John Provencher and Norm Sorge painted the front wall and added shelves for the band trophies which are still in use today. The walls were showing wear and tear and needed to be painted. Their hard work gave us another 7 years until we could paint the entire room. We thank you!

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