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Buckeye Bands

Medina, Ohio 

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Lets get it done!  The home team is 12-1 when performing at a professional sports event!  Lets Go Cavs! (Good Luck to our Bucks as well Friday Night!)

Cavaliers Game Day Information

Students may stay afterschool in the high school band room.
Mr.King will have students sign in and watch a movie and do homework.

Suggest strongly to pack a snack/dinner.
Band Shirts passed out in class during the day.
Band Trailer will be loaded during the day.
Put Band T-Shirts on afterschool or wear them during the day.
Students wear Blue Jeans and Tennis Shoes.
Band Tickets with Mr. King

4:30 P.M. Stage at the High School Band Room
5:00 P.M. Board and Depart on School Bus.  All Performers.
6:00 P.M. Arrive at the "Q" Arena.
6:10 P.M. Unload Band Trailer Instruments
6:15 P.M. Students taken in the Arena to store instruments.
6:40 P.M.  Students can find their seat and watch pre-game.
Students may use the bathroom and buy a snack.
7:00 P.M. Pre-Game Events
7:30 P.M. Game Starts.
(10 Minutes left in the 1st Quarter band departs for instruments)
Band Warm Up.
Band Plays at Halftime
Band puts equipment back in the storage area given.
Watch the Game 3rd and 4th Quarter.
Parents can sign out their students with Mrs. White
during the 4th quarter at section 233.

Bring $ for concessions. 

Game Over.
Students get horns with Mrs. White.
Load Band Trailer on Ontario Street and board the school busses on Ontario Street.  Depart for home.

11:15 P.M.  Arrive Buckeye High School


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